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    SkyDestiny Server Rules

    #1 - No Spamming
    All members, players and staff members must follow this rule. However admins, while managing have the ability to spam as they wish. Any members or players caught spamming after a second warning will be temporarily muted, aswell anything staff believes as spam will be warned, as spam.

    #2 - No Caps
    This rule only applies to members and players, as staff will often use all caps to get a players attention. Using full caps, or a sentence with 4+ Captial words will be a warnable offense. Using all caps after your second warning will result in a temporary mute.

    #3 - No Advertising
    This rule goes for everyone. It is a rule that must be followed, Any player or staff member caught advertising a server IP in /message; /p [chat] or in global chat will be permanently muted.

    #4 - No Disrespecting Players/Staff
    Players like to down talk each other,and since this is a factions server that happeneds a lot. Any disrespect of any kind caused by one or more people will not be tolerated. Ex. "You should go back to kindergarden you punk." If thisa player is spammed via /message all staff have the right to kick the player spamming. Disrespect to staff will result in a 5-30minute mute depending on how harsh.

    #5 - No swearing/bypassing swear filter
    Swearing at players is bad! No. Which is mutable c: <3

    #6 - No unapproved modded/hacked clients
    Most clients are off limits, however if you need help finding out which ones are free to use please feel free to message any online staff. Any player caught hacking will be permanently banned from the network.

    #7 - No Abuse Of Glitches/Exploits
    If you find a glitch or exploit, please tell a staff member immediately so we can resolve the issue. If you are caught abusing an exploit and or glitch you will be temporarily banned from the Network.

    #8 - Abuse is not tolerated
    This rule is for the staff, all staff must know abusing comes with a price. If you are caught abusing, you will be demoted and/or permanently banned from the Server.

    #9 - No Hacksucating
    There are many hackers in the world of Minecraft, especially in factions. As a player of the Network on of your duties is to report hackers to the forums, or staff members. Please do not call someone out for hacking in global chat or in /message. If you do have proof of someone hacking please submit it in the "Report" section.
    Anyone hacksucating in chat after a second warn may be temporarily muted/kicked.

    #10 - Ban Evading is not allowed
    Ever gotten banned on a server you love? So you got on a separate user and joined again? Well that is off limits on SkyDestiny. Anyone caught ban evading, will be banned for a longer period of time.

    #11 - Your account belongs to you.
    I'm sure you've heard the "My brother did it" saying a lot. However if you are being punished on SkyDestiny and it was not you, please not that it was your account. Anything done on your account will result in a punishment. If it was you or not. The account belongs to you.

    #12 - No Racial Slur
    All players are the same and should be treated the same based on their religion and or race. Anyone caught making racial comments will be kicked and or temporarily muted.

    #13 - No IRL Trading
    IRL trading is against the rules in SkyDestiny. If you need to trade something, with someone please do it in Skype, or through some other messaging app. Anyone found IRL trading through global chat or /message may be temporarily banned from SkyDestiny. (12 Hours)

    #14 - No Impersonating Staff/Players
    The rule is simple, please do not use /nick to pretend to be someone else in the server, as well please do not say you're a staff member if you're clearly not. Anyone not complying with these rules will be kicked or temporarily muted. (30 Minutes)

    #15 - Do Not Share Personal Information
    Easiest way to get ddosed or stalked is to tell people your personal information, Ex. Address, phone number, zip code, Skype etc.. This however is acceptable if it is done through /message and is given responsibly. Anyone telling their, or anyone else's personal information in chat may be kicked and or temporarily muted.

    #16 - No Asking Staff For OP/Items
    Staff members are not here to give you anything but help, therefor please do not bother us with "Can I have a rank" Asking for something will only give you a smaller chance of getting it. Anyone caught asking for staff/items/ranks after a second warning will be kicked/temporarily muted. (5min mute)

    #17 - No Threatening to Hack/Ddos
    As a normal Minecraft server, we take most things seriously, that doesn't let threatening to hack the server, or any online players off the hook. Anyone caught with proof of threatening to hack, or ddos the server will be banned.

    #18 - Scamming is not allowed
    This rule should be easy to follow. Scamming and Tp trapping/killing is not allowed.

    #19 - Do Not Encourage Players To Disobey the Rules.
    This rule was implemented due to players telling each other to 'say a server IP' 'Say "___" If you think Bob should get Admin" Also anyone that had taken charge of the matter and had also asked players to break rules can be temporarily muted or temporarily banned from SkyDestiny.

    #20 - No Asking a Staff Member To Check your Applications/Appeals
    All applications/appeals will be checked within 12 hours of submission, If you do however spam a staff member asking for your Helper application or punishment appeal to be read it will be denied automatically.
    If you ask a staff member to read any sort of appeal/application (Other than Glitches/Bugs) it will be denied automatically.

    #20 - English is needed in General Chat.
    We would like to ensure all members can understand each other, so we would very much appreciate it if all of the players were to speak English. Anyone not speaking English in Public chat will be temporarily muted after a second warning.

    #21 - No Spawn Shooting/Hitting
    For those of you who don't know what 'Spawn Shooting/Hitting' is, It is when a player shifts over the pvp line at spawn and shoots, Or hits the people in the pvp zone. Take note, If you are in the pvp zone and hitting the people shifting over spawn, that is NOT spawn hitting nor shooting. Shifting over spawn and hitting others shifted over spawn is. I have gotten reports of people thinking this is unfair, so this is why I'm making it a rule. Anyone caught pvp zoning will be kicked or temporarily banned from the server.

    #22 - No Inappropriate Nicknames
    As this game is for all ages. There are some kids under the age of 13 that play this game. It would be very kind of everyone if you did not abuse your /nick powers and create a nick that has anything that may be offensive to other players. If anyone is caught with an inappropriate/offensive nickname after being warned they will be temporarily muted.

    #23 - No Refusing To ScreenShare A Staff
    We like to keep our players staff, so we always make sure that Nobody is hacking, and everybody is following the rules. If a staff member asks to "SS" or, Screenshare. It would be best that you do. If you don't know what SS is for. The staff members have you look through your Minecraft files. If you log before an SS or refuse to SS you will be banned from the server.

    #24 - No fake/false reports.
    As you know, we now have the /report command in-game. Used to report people who do not follow the rules. However recently people have been FAKE/FALSE reporting, things like (/Report BobTheBuilder Lol) - Starting 11/6/17 Anyone false reporting after ONE warning will be temp banned from 60 minutes.

    #25 - No Threats,
    Threatening is very serious, and will be taken seriously,
    If you are threatening a player, you will be tempbanned anytime ranging from 1day, to 1month.

    Forum Rules/Punishments

    #1 - No Macro Posting
    Macro posting is also known as Spam. Which basically means you're replying to your own comment/thread multiple times. Which will result in a tempban from the forums, (1 Day)

    #2 - No vulgar language
    Vulgar language is also known as swearing, which will not be taken lightly. Anyone caught using vulgar language towards others or in general will be tempbanned from the forums for a week after warning.

    #3 - No Disrespect
    Disrespecting people is quite rude, and frankly not taken very well. Anyone caught disrespecting other players, or their opinions will me warned, once reaching a certain warning limit tempbanned from the forums (1 month)

    #4 - No Advertising
    Thats right, anyone caught telling a fellow player an IP to an unrelated server/website will be banned from the forums.

    All rules are not here for a punishment, they are here to keep the server's players safe, and to make sure everyone is treated fairly. If you have any complains please PM me in the forums, However if you would like to report someone for not following a rule please do so in the 'Report' section.
    Thanks for the help creating this, as it did take some time. Aswell, if you have been falsely punished, or would like to get a chance to rid of the punishment please feel free to fill out an appeal form, which can be found in the "appeal" section of the forums.

    List Of Punishments staff members can give:
    - Warn
    - Mute
    - Kick
    - Ban
    - IP Ban
    - Temporary Ban
    - Temporary Mute
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