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    Real Name (First name only): Garrett
    Discord Name & Tag: Hyren#1478
    In Game Name: _Hyren
    Age: 14

    Have You Read The Staff Expectations?: Yes, And I understand them.
    What Country And Timezone are you in?: PST

    Have you had experience with staff on other servers? If yes, elaborate on how you were involved.: Yes, I run a working server, and I've been helper on 2 others than than mine and this one.

    Have you ever been Banned, or Muted on SkyDestiny? If so, what for?: No.

    What is the purpose of a Staff Member, in the way you see it?: To help contribute to the server and help other players on the server to have fun.

    Do you understand what it takes to be a Staff Member on this Server?: Yes.

    Do you understand that being a Staff Member does not make you "untouchable" in the slightest?: Yes.

    What do you consider some of your personal talents or hobbies?: Game design, coding.

    Why do you want to become Staff, and what do you believe you can bring to SkyDestiny? (Minimum 100 words): I want to become staff to help make this server even better, to help other players who are in need of assistance, and to bring a better community together to have fun. (Is

    Can moderators permanently ban offenders?: Only if they are Doxing.
    What Must You Include with every Warn, Mute, Kick, etc?: You must contain a reason, unless you have to kick or mute them immediately.
    What is the minimum age to apply?: 14.

    Is Swearing allowed in chat?: No. That's why there is a filter.

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