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Real Name (First name only):
Discord Name & Tag:
In Game Name:

Have You Read The Staff Expectations?:
What Country And Timezone are you in?:

Have you had experience with staff on other servers? If yes, elaborate on how you were involved.:

Have you ever been Banned, or Muted on SkyDestiny? If so, what for?:

What is the purpose of a Staff Member, in the way you see it?:

Do you understand what it takes to be a Staff Member on this Server?:

Do you understand that being a Staff Member does not make you "untouchable" in the slightest?:

What do you consider some of your personal talents or hobbies?:

Why do you want to become Staff, and what do you believe you can bring to SkyDestiny? (Minimum 100 words):

Can moderators permanently ban offenders?:
What Must You Include with every Warn, Mute, Kick, etc?:
What is the minimum age to apply?:

Is Swearing allowed in chat?

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We, are back online stronger than ever and will continue to progress and bring a whole new world of unique experience towards your game experiences.

Staff, Applications are now open whoop can't wait to see some stunning applications.
(Disclaimer) Please advise on the application (Format!) And do not ask any staff member to review your application will be instantly rejected if asked.

Also, I wish you all a Merry Christmass and a happy new year!
Kind, Regards.
SkyDestiny Management Team!​